At Last! A Powerful Yet Simple Step-by-Step Guided Path To Wellness

Discover How This Revolutionary and Simple Wellness System Guides You By The Hand While You Restore Your Health, Increase Your Vitality, Skyrocket Your Energy, Balance Body Systems and Shed Unwanted Body Fat, All While Gaining A Greater Sense Of Well-Being On Your Path To Living Life Feeling Great!

Finally… You can Uncover the Universal Truth’s that are Empowering people just like you with the health and wellness information, tips, training, ideas, philosophy and plan of action to finally understand and incorporate real strategies for true wellness.

Are you ready to…

Wake up feeling refreshed everyday…

Have the energy you once did as a young child…

Restore your youthful appearance…

Release excess body fat… (and keep it off for good!)

Live longer with complete Health Freedom…

Stay fit, feeling great and more “Vitalized” than ever before…

Improve your quality of life…

You Can! It’s Easier Than You Think!


Grab your keys… It’s time to take the driver’s seat and fast track yourself on the road to wellness with this straight forward approach to having the health and vitality you deserve NOW.

From the desk of Shawn King

Wellness Coach

Monday 12:38 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you are seeking real answers to health, longevity and living a life of wellness… then you should read every word on this page.

Statistics now show that the average person honestly desires to be healthy and feeling well…

…Yet, often struggles with challenges and symptoms like low energy, depression, weight gain and frequent colds…

…is usually unsure of how and what to eat, who to trust… and is generally overwhelmed with the information out there.

Not only that… with so many diet books, supplements, gurus and health programs…

How is anyone suppose to know what to choose?book-stack

After going through over 350 health and wellness research papers, books, videos, audios, seminars, websites, programs and courses in the past few years alone…

…I can see why so many people are misinformed, misled, clueless, confused… and…

…as a total population… We are less healthy NOW than ever before.

And you know what… I’m personally fed up with all the scams, partial truth’s and blatant lies that are being perpetuated by the very same people that profit from us staying that way…

So as a result… If you are ready to take control of your health, your future and improve your life…

I am going to show you the ONLY way that will GUARANTEE you the Wellness Lifestyle you have always wanted!

How do I say that with such confidence?

Here’s the story…

Back in 2002 (before my work as a Wellness Coach) I was a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor teaching classes 6 days a week just outside of Atlanta, Georgia where I thought that I was personally doing all of the “Right Things” that would equate to long term health and wellness.

I was doing things like:

Intense Martial Arts Training and everything that goes along with the physical, mental and spiritual training that is involved in that.

Eating a Vegetarian Diet and Supplementing with all types of pills, potions and powders.

Regularly visiting various healers like Chiropractors and Massage therapists.

Spending time out in nature grounding myself to the earth while getting sunshine and fresh air for my body.

I was mentally keeping myself engaged through my commitment to constant and never ending improvement by always learning, reading and studying new things.

And that’s just for starters…

Here’s what I want you to know that’s really important…

In a very short period of time, I came down with over 25 different challenges, symptoms and ailments in what seemed like an overnight occurrence.

Without much notice at all, I suddenly felt as if I just got my feet kicked out from under me

Symptoms and challenges like: Loss of memory, brain fog, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, mood swings, loss of drive, shortness of breath, sudden large patches of hair loss, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, digestive disorders, constant muscle aches and social withdrawal are but a few.

What’s more… all these challenges and ailments were instantly choking the vitality from my life and had me gasping for breath.

In fact, it got so brutal so fast that I was immediately knocked down for the count… for over 3 months I laid in and out of bed while these ailments escalated… rapidly deteriorating my health.

Do you remember the movie Rocky 4 where he was up against the Great Russian Ivan Drago?

I remember one morning I woke up and for some strange reason that’s all I could think about.

If you saw the movie you know that in the final epic boxing match Rocky takes a few good hits and goes down… He’s banged up and bruised all over with swollen eyes and blurred vision… Yet, he has enough heart, courage and determination left in him to push himself up off the canvas floor and go one more round.statistics-graph

It was at that moment in my thoughts that it hit me… I got up and got fed up with letting these symptoms get the best of me. I breathed in all the energy I could and got to it…

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. “I will not be defeated so easily!” I told myself, determined to find the solutions to my current conditions.

Immediately I began searching for and then implementing every technique and strategy I could find that promised to increase my health, wellness and longevity.

What did I find?

Right off the bat it became apparent that a lot of health programs and wellness courses teach pretty much the same recycled and repackaged lame information that does not work well as a stand along tactic, they do not paint a bigger picture of Health (way too specialized) and most do not even train you to thing “long term” Optimal Health and Wellness.

In fact… a lot of the health programs and books that I’ve been exposed to only cover a few basic tactics or strategies at best and talk in terms that are very difficult for the average person to understand and make sense of.

How are peostatistics-graphple like you and me suppose to figure out true health and wellness when everyone seems to only be teaching small pieces to a big picture?

And you know what… I’ve searched high and low for the missing pieces… visiting with dozens of health practitioners, doctors and experts. Listening, asking dozens of questions, learning and absorbing everything I can to expand my growing philosophy and picture of wellness.


Most doctors, so-called diet gurus and health experts don’t know what they’re really talking about!

It’s true! I’ve been completely shocked at our current state of affairs when it comes to the overall philosophical approach that is taken when it comes to health and wellness.

Listen… When you look at statistical figures like these…

1 out of 3 Americans will get Cancer


1 out of 2 has an Auto-Immune Disease

2 out of 3 are Overweight with 1 out of 5 being classified as clinically obese

3 out of 4 Americans has a Degenerative Disease

And when you add all that up…

This accounts for around 97% of the population!

…it becomes brutally apparent that something major is wrong with our current system and that we need to take a new approach… Immediately!

Now these statistics are no surprise when you begin to understand that…

A lot of “Experts” do not even hold and maintain a Wellness Philosophy.

The majority of the “Professionals” that I have personally met have closed their minds to new approaches, new information and alternative therapies (even some of the ones I’ve personally worked with… especially if they couldn’t profit from it).


…and we are suppose to rely on these people with our life? I think they may be forgetting that technology and information is advancing at incredible speeds right now…

The more you uncover how your body really works and functions…

…What the advice and treatment some of these so-called experts give…

…it will become as apparent to you as it is to me that many of them do not understand or honor basic laws and techniques of wellness.


If your goal is true Wellness and Longevity, you should be learning from those that have a Wellness Philosophy. PERIOD!

And you know what?

There are very few people on this planet that are out on the front lines (like me) painting the bigger picture and sharing the real health information you truly need to have in order to create lasting health and well-being for not only yourself but for your family and loved ones as well.

So what did I do?

Luckily… I realized early on that if you really want to improve your life…

You have to take personal responsibility for what is happening to you and where your level of wellness is currently at.

You see… Personal Responsibility is one of the basic laws of Wellness… and to me that meant if I was ever going to be healthy, vibrant and well again it was going to be up to me to be in charge of my health and figure out the truth.

Which leads us nicely into…

The Law of Personal Responsibility

We are responsible for our own wellness.

Our behaviors, all of which are in our control, contribute to either Illness or Wellness.

Our choices regarding lifestyle, food, alcohol, tobacco, activity, drugs and how we treat our body in general, have the most profound effects.

YOU need to take responsibility for YOU!

No one else is responsible for you except you.

Our responses, emotional and spiritual can lead to physical changes. This can be for the positive or the negative. Hence, our physiological state can be rooted in our psychology.

We have the ability to choose both our behaviors and our responses.

If we neglect giving mindful attention to our behaviors and responses, we will surely deteriorate physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We have the power to choose positively. In that choice, we change our every experience of life!

We want to develop an awareness of our potential understanding of our own accountability. We can change our physical well-being, choose our emotions, find meaning, purpose, and step into our power.

It’s our personal responsibility alone to program ourselves for a life of wellness. We need to learn the skills necessary to program our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions to ones that serve us in our quest to be well.

We understand that life takes many twists and turns, we need to be in control of ourselves so that life is not something that just happens to us.

We take the stance that we are the creators.

We take personal responsibility for where we are right now and how our life turns out.

So check this out… over the course of the last 7 years…

Here is what I did:

Attended every lecture and seminar I could find that was about health, wellness and healing looking for answers.

Read every book. Listened to every audio. Watched every video. That I could get my hands on that dealt with this subject.

Conducted endless hours (10 – 16 a day) of online research. I had to find out what was really happening to me, why our bodies break down and how to rebuild them.

Discovered new cutting edge innovations and technologies. Brand new, state of the art discoveries that are having huge impacts on human health and longevity. All the while accumulating a massive education that YOU can now take advantage of.

Studied and looked at wellness philosophies and practices from around the world. The ones that actually work and can work for you!statistics-graph

Stayed open minded, took in as much as I could from all the top leaders, researchers in the industry and developed a larger picture of wellness. If I was ever going to defeat these challenges and symptoms, I knew this was the only way.

I spent years researching and mapping out what we really need to know, understand and implement. Developing daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly strategies that ensure we maintain true health. Putting you on a Path of Wellness.

As soon as I began to cultivate some of these basic laws of wellness in my life, took personal responsibility and implemented specific wellness strategies… everything changed for the better.

I began regaining my health and vitality.

I was incorporating wellness lifestyle combination’s that my long list of challenges and symptoms could not handle.

One by One they were getting knocked out by my new approach to health, wellness and longevity.

My vitality, energy… Better Yet… My entire Life Force became charged with Power!

What I mean is… My energy levels shot up, the brain fog lifted, my hair grew back in, my bloating shrunk away, aches and pains were nowhere to be felt, I was able to focus and concentrate again, motivation and drive came roaring back and I could breath again.

I had unlocked the code to Lifelong Health Freedom and was back to Feeling Great!

It gets even better…

Many friends, family and associates began noticing the improvement in my quality of life and asking…

“Shawn, How did you do it?”

As it turns out, many of my fellow peers are dealing with a lot of the same “butt kicking” symptoms and challenges I’ve now been able to eradicate from my life.

Here were family and friends in pain, dealing with issues big and small, minor and severe, feeling lost, powerless and in need of specific what-to-do information…

I sat with them and shared my thinking processes, strategies, tactics and coached them along the way.

And guess what…

As my friends, family and associates began to implement these very same wellness techniques and strategies… They Transformed Too!

Looking Younger

Feeling Younger

They Have Vitality Bursting At The Seams

They Are Glowing With Energy

Their Inner Power Is Charged!

They Are Living… “On A Path Of Wellness!” Excited to be Implementing these fundamental Wellness Techniques and Strategies!

Their Quality of Life Has Skyrocketed!

Do you understand what this means?

…And the Truth shall set you Free!

All I could think was “Everyone” deserves to know this stuff!

Ever since… I have been on a passionate mission working on getting this information out to you.

“On Your Path Of Wellness”

is my core philosophy, techniques and strategies that I use in my personal 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching.

On Your Path Of Wellness Coaching Course includes:

22 Videos – Over 3 1/2 hours of me guiding you through the lessons where we talk about each lesson and cover some of the key points you want to be aware of.

20 Written Lessons – These were designed to take you through step-by-step in creating your big picture of wellness while assisting you in developing your Personal Wellness Plan.

Over 150 Graphic Pictures – A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in this course… See for yourself exactly what I’m talking about.

83 page Step-by-Step Guidebook – This is your workbook that is filled with activities, checklists, questions, fill-in-the-blanks and more to really assist you in understanding the lesson.

28 Download Handouts (and growing) – With some of the lessons, there is so much to cover and touch on that this is the easiest way. And… you get to retain a copy.

22 Support Videos (and growing) – these videos have been organized to assist you in your education and understanding of this thing called “Wellness”.

And the best part about it… these lessons are:

Easy to understand

Easy to follow along

Simple to implement

Take a look for yourself…

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to experience:

Real Philosophies, Tactics, Strategies and Techniques: Once you have incorporated these simple strategies into your life, your body will have no other option except to be Healthy and Well.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology: Learn which parts of your body you may be neglecting, how they work, what they do and how you can easily make better wellness choices.

Detailed Pictures: See for yourself how you work inside, what can go wrong and what you can do about it. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

An Understanding Of What Symptoms Really Are: They are not the root cause of what may be happening… I’ll guide you through step by step to help you uncover what your real challenges are.

What 5 Things The World Health Organization Has To Say About This Major Contributor To Health Or Sickness: You get to choose not to be a victim anymore.

How To Identify What Symptoms Can Really Be Linked To: Stop feeling lost when something is not going right. Learn the type of thinking necessary to live in a Wellness Mindset.

How To Set Yourself Up For Success: Lets establish a clear vision of the level of Wellness you want to live. Our roadmap for healthy success!

How To Make The Right Choices Between Treatment and Optimal Health: Learning this philosophy of thinking will have the single greatest impact on how your health turns out!

How To Start Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Wellness: Learn the strategies necessary so that you and your family can live well now.

The 4 Major Reasons Your Body Breaks Down In The First Place: You need to be aware of and implementing lifestyle techniques with all of them! When everyone knows and incorporates these, most doctors will end up out of business!

What Kind Of Impurities, Poisons and Toxins Are Clogging Up Your Body: I’ll show you exactly what to purge from your system and the garbage that’s keeping you from the body you love, giving you abundant health in record time!

3 Different Things You Can Do To Clean This Nasty Health Robbing Stuff Out Of Your Body: Having multiple wellness options makes health easy and simple for you to implement.

How This 1 Toxic Substance Could Be Causing Over 87 Different Symptoms and Ailments: Chances are you are being exposed to it everyday. Let’s clean it out and feel great!

Why Your Body Is Most Likely Starving To Death. Literally: You could be contributing to this… It’s a worldwide educational challenge.

What Elements You Absolutely Have To Be Ingesting: If you are not ingesting these vital nutrients, you could be putting yourself at “High Risk” to future challenges.

How This Organ Has Over 500 Known Functions That Are Vital To Your Health: Are you cheating yourself from the health you deserve by not taking care of it properly?

How To Make Sure You Are Not Being Mis-Diagnosed Ever Again: Think Wellness, Act Wellness, Live Wellness. You will have the power and the knowledge to do the right things.

What The Journal of the American Medical Association Had To Say About You Getting Enough Of These Nutrients: Even the medical establishment is finally telling you about these essential elements.

The Top 6 Reasons To Supplement: It’s not the same world our grandparents grew up in, there is now mounting evidence that you need to be aware of if you want to be on a lifetime path of wellness.

How To Know If You Are Getting Quality Supplements: You will learn how to properly analyze ingredients and formulations so you can put your hard earned money in the right places.

10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A Nutritional Supplement: With your newfound wellness thinking filter, you will be able to discern between ok supplements, good ones and truly top notch supplements.

What 13 Elements You Absolutely Have To Be Putting In Your Body: When you are getting enough of these vital elements, your body will be glowing in energy.

The Hidden Secret To Shedding Stubborn Fat and Inches: Ready to say goodbye to your spare tire? This is the healthiest way to do it… and it’s easier than you think!

Why The Low Carb and Low Fat Diets Can Be Dangerous And What You Can Do To Get Real Results: You could be causing more long term negative affects on your body than you know. Learn how to support your bodies natural processes on your path of wellness.

How Doing This One Thing Can Drop 10-15 Pounds In 1 Week: Who said losing weight took forever? Your going to need some lower notches in your belt after this.

What New Science Has Discovered Happens When You Ingest This Advanced Protein Peptide: New technologies are changing the way we view what’s possible when it comes to our health. This is totally cool!

Harmful Ingredients That Are Causing Adverse Bodily Symptoms: A few of my close friends were completely shocked to find out that they were being exposed to these ingredients on a daily basis and were actually dealing with symptoms because of it. Make sure you are not!

How Your Lifestyle Could Be Stressing You Out: By incorporating some basic techniques and strategies this can be drastically reduced and having you feeling great in no time!

The 4 Different Types Of Stress: Once you are aware of and know them all, you can laugh them away.

Learn What Some Doctors Are Saying Is Imperative Health Practitioners, Governments, Schools and Parents Learn More About: Get the inside scoop… inside.

What 13 Foods You Can Eat Now That Repel Common Body Invaders: Wellness has never been so easy, eat wellness foods that cleanse, restore and prevent illness.

…and that’s just a small sample of what you’ll find.

Now… Before you go any further, please note…

This is not another fad program that supposedly makes you healthy over night.

This is a proven, strategically sound, systematic approach to living the Wellness Way that has worked for thousands of people just like you and me.

You will learn philosophy, techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately. Learning to support your bodies natural processes so you can be a healthier you from here on out. Feeling Great with an abundance of energy all day every day.

Everything is mapped out for you in your lessons, videos, action steps and workbook.

Think of it… you NEVER again have to wonder what you should do to get the results you’re looking for.


This took me years to figure out, implement, get right, and cost me thousands of dollars in trial and error.

Had something like this existed back when I needed it, I couldn’t tell you what that would have been worth to me. Saving me all the up’s and down’s, the years of frustration and time not feeling well…

That’s time not well spent…

Money not well spent…

And overall LIFE not well spent.

We are Mortal Beings…

“Our days in this body in this lifetime are limited”

And by knowing and accepting this we can come to understand the famous quote “It’s not the years in our life that count, it’s the life in our years that matters most”.

So ask yourself…statistics-graph

What’s a healthy lifetime worth to you?

How important is feeling great in your life?

I know it’s at the top of my list because feeling bad all the time sucks… Period!

If you are anything like me, you like to enjoy yourself and feel good about life.

Why settle for anything less? You get one run through this life… take control… Without your health you have nothing… With it you have everything at your fingertips.

Here’s a few more things you will learn inside…

How This One Thing Could Be Making You Nutritionally Deficient: You will feel great and your body will thank you when you clean it out.

12 Easy Tips To Reduce Stress Now: Remove the weight of the world from your shoulders and free yourself. Wouldn’t that feel great?

14 Different Things You Can Do To Increase Your Health Now: Your going to be a wellness machine that’s going to have people wondering how you did it.

The 4 Levels Of Stress: Learn to stop stress in it’s early stages and feel great about it.

Why Vitamin Assimilation Is Near Impossible If This Part Of Your Body Is Not Clean: Your body will be thanking you once you incorporate this easy to follow lesson into your wellness routine.

How One Industry Is Using Over 10,500 Chemicals That Have Been Found To Be Pro-Aging: Rest assured, new alternatives have been created that actually reverse this process, you will look younger guaranteed.

33 Reasons Why Doing This One Activity Can Increase Your Health Meter Over The Top In Only 10 Minutes A Day: This one thing took my philosophical thinking on activity to new heights in only a few moments. You are going to be in awe!

6 Tips For Beautiful Skin: People are going to be asking you what your doing… be prepared.

How This “New Invisible Threat” Could  Be Beating You Up Without You Even Realizing It: There is no escaping the dangers of this new wellness threat; however, there are new technologies that can reduce it’s effects. I’m going to tell you about them inside.

…and much, MUCH more!

Why Choosing The Path Of Wellness over Sickness is one of the most important decisions you can ever make.

When I reflect on the past… sometimes I wonder where I would have ended up had I chosen the other way… what I’ve come to realize is that decision has affected my entire existence pertaining to how I live, think, act, you name it…statistics-graph

Choosing Wellness is choosing the path of Personal Power. Now it’s all about Proactive Wellness Solutions!

Not choosing Wellness is choosing to be a victim. Is that really what you want?


You are a Powerful Being… Step into your power and take control of your destiny.

No matter where your current state of health is at… There is so much to benefit from by learning the Universal Wellness Concepts contained within this course…

If you don’t… then simply return it for a full refund.

If You Are Ever Unsatisfied, “On Your Path Of Wellness” Is Backed By A Healthy, Full 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

But you won’t need it. I guarantee it.

That’s how much confidence I have in this course.

If at the end of 60 days… You have gone through the course, implemented the lessons into your life and are not satisfied, then simply send me a message to let me know and I will remove you from my Exclusive Wellness Coaching Group and refund your money 100%.

Do you understand what this means? It means… You have nothing to lose.

But wait… it gets even better… If you get started now…

You will also get the following 5 FREE Bonuses to assist you “On Your Path Of Wellness”

Bonus #1

Wellness Way Cafe

Video Cookbook Series Vol. 1

Wellness Way Cafe is my personal cookbook series with each Volume containing 25 healthy vegetarian recipes.

Not only that, each recipe has a follow along video that makes learning and creating the dishes simple and fun to do.

All recipes in this series are vegetarian, some vegan and some raw. They are all health conscious.

Included in the videos are many helpful

  • Kitchen tips
  • Cooking tips
  • Food tips
  • Stories

This is a great resource to have “On Your Path Of Wellness”.You will get the E-book and login access to the exclusive video library.

The Cookbook and Volume 1 Video Series normally sells for $17.00.

Yours Free!

Bonus #2

Lifetime Updates…

Whenever anything is updated in the original 20 Lessons of “On Your Path Of Wellness”with new,relevant, important information, videos, audios, pictures, downloads and more, you will receive them all “FREE” for Life!

You will also receive an email letting you know what has been added so you can easily get the update!

A $97.00 Value. Yours Free!

Bonus #3

Unlimited Wellness Coaching Webinars

Anytime there are new developments or special guests that you should meet… I host a Webinar or Conference Call.

There are several great webinars coming down the chute… Be sure not to miss them.

You will always be notified by email to pre-register so you can access these…

A $97.00 Value. Yours Free!

Bonus #4

Unlimited Wellness Coaching Conference Calls

Just like the Webinar…

You will be notified in advance of any important Conference Calls that you can jump on to learn about new developments, meet special guests or have the all important Q and A sessions.

Conference Call numbers will be sent out to you in advance so you can access these great calls with ease.

A $97.00 Value. Yours Free!

Bonus #5

Unlimited Email support

Get your questions answered!

If you have a question or concern that is not addressed then simply send over an email to the Support Desk and it will be.

A $97 Value. Yours Free!

So How Much Is Your Health Worth?

My quick answer is… Your health is priceless, It’s your #1 asset.

Which then brings us to the actual cost of this course…

Realizing that most people would expect to pay $997.00 for the entire packaged coaching course… and that many more step up to the plate for the opportunity to pay the $497.00 that a lot of other “Guru’s” are charging (and that is certainly reasonable for training courses of this magnitude) You are going to get the entire course for only a fraction of what most would expect to pay.

statistics-graphKeep in mind that you never get back the time you have lost or the hours you have spent waiting for something to happen.

In fact… You could spend the next 3, 5, 10 years doing the same things as everyone else… all the while hoping for a better result when the real answers that you are seeking are now starring you in the face.

This is your opportunity to shortcut the back-breaking labor and deadly lies you have been fed… You can jump ahead of all the “fads” that you see on TV, hear on the radio, and find in your mailbox that do not actually give you the whole truth and really only want to sell you a single supplement, exotic fruit juice blend or some special treatment. (Not that those are bad, they have their place… Learn exactly where… Inside this course)

This isn’t about financial value, this is about your life. This is about having the health, vitality, and assurance that you really want, so that you come to the point where so many others have come… To Wellness!

When you sit back and think about how much time you have spent feeling sick…

How much money you’ve spent on Doctor visits…


The wrong foods, herbs, supplements…

All the other things that did not deliver and help you…


How much MORE it could cost you in lost time, money and happiness?

Then ask yourself…

What would it be worth to have a step-by-step guide to health freedom?

Having spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning the information in this course (spending well over $12,000.00 in one year alone) on books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, lectures, doctor visits, specialists… I know learning this stuff through trial and error can be very time consuming and costly.

After hours of deep thought and consideration, I realized that I wanted to make this training more affordable to you if you are ready to take action NOW!

That’s why, for a limited time, you take advantage of my special “Internet Release” promotion and begin “On Your Path Of Wellness” for only $97.

So not only is it just $97 for everything, but as I stated before, you also have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Which means that you have absolutely no risk what-so-ever.

Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment…

You live a life full of energy, vitality and joy!

You live pain free, symptom free, have clear thinking, well resting sleep, razor sharp focus and feel great!

You are a prime example of Wellness!

You are feeling great for the first time in years!

Peace and tranquility are restored to your life!

You fall asleep effortlessly every night and wake up perky with energy every morning!

Imagine… Complete Health Freedom. No more endless days fighting a losing battle. Finally, you get to relax!

Now… Break free and reclaim you life!

You Can Do It!

I know that abundant health and longevity are in you!

I also know that when you implement and apply these Wellness Lessons into your lifestyle, your current level of health will improve.

And you know what… I want to hear your success story and how your life has transformed since you took action and applied personal responsibility like so many others have already.

As you’ve read above already, I know what it’s like to be down…

I’ve been there… With symptoms knocking the life out of me… With no energy to do anything… Depressed for weeks on end… In pain and not knowing what to do… Just wishing it would get better…

Wish no more!

The answers are right here in front of you.

statistics-graphYou now have a guide and coach in front of you waiting and willing to assist you on your personal journey of wellness.

All it requires is that you step into your power of decision and get started now. And knowing that I will give you a Healthy 60 day 100% full money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose… If you are ready to take charge of your life…

All you have to do is take action and get started now.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn The Philosophy, Techniques and Strategies Inside “On Your Path Of Wellness”

And I’m sure you can add more…

Have bursting energy again.

Excruciating aches and pains are gone.

You are no longer confined to your home, bed or bathroom.

You can join in with friends, co-workers and loved ones for important occasions that you previously had to decline.

Moods are balanced  and you are elated with feelings of joy.

Your head no longer hurts and brain fog is gone.

Quick concentration and exciting motivation return.

Your body is stronger, and you feel like doing hand stands.

Your skin glows and your hair shines.

Challenges and symptoms can no longer flourish in your Body of Wellness and You have your quality of life back!

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Now… Move into action, take the next step in the right direction and begin “On Your Path Of Wellness”

Wellness will begin to accumulate in your life and before you know it, you won’t be in good health… You’ll be in GREAT HEALTH!

I look forward to meeting you,

Shawn King

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

P.S. – Don’t Forget… You get full access to the members area with all 20 written and video wellness coaching lessons, the 83 page guidebook, over 28 download handouts, numerous support videos and pictures, all 5 Free bonuses worth over $405.00 that include my Wellness Way Cafe Volume 1 Video Cookbook, lifetime updates, email support and access to any and all “Insider Members Only” Coaching Webinars and Conference calls.

P.S.S. -  The “Internet Special” $97 may not last long. And with the No Risk, Full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee… You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be sure to take advantage now!

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”

~Thomas A. Edison